Friday, March 21, 2014

I live in my closet and sleep with my shoes. Sort of.

Well in my mind I do. In reality, my bedroom is a master suite, complete with a walk in closet, tons of storage, and a full on suite 4 piece bathroom (that means a tub, yay me!). Reality, especially mines, is subjective:

Did I mention it's less than 100 sq. ft.?

We live in a tiny house. By we, I mean me and my shoes. Just kidding, I have a nine year old son, who strangely enough, believed this dream was possible more than anyone. Well it was kind of sort of his, so I guess that helped... The dream:

Rocking out the dream.
And while it's still a work in progress, we hope to be off grid one day, on our own little spot. For now, we're content with a $300 space rent that includes free water, and the cheapest utility bills I've ever had. Ever.

My hope for this blog: At it's best to be inspirational, at it's worst, informational; either way, we effected positive change for social justice and that means we rock! Vive la tiny revolution!

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